We have more then twenty years experience in international transport. We specialize in distribution of cargo controlled temperatures of –25 to +25 Celsius degree. We carry every food product from deep frozen (fruits, vegetables, meat, fishes, bakery products) to pre-cooled and also fresh goods.

Each truck is equipped in baskets for palettes and mobile phone for security reasons and to keep contact with the driver.


      We possess fleet of frigo-trucks each with the following capacity/ dimensions – frigo trailer:


      Length – 13,60 m


      Width – 2,45 m


      Height – 2,56 – 2,66 m


      Loading capacity more then 20 t


      33 Euro- palettes spaces


      Thanks the ATP/FRC certificate, which all of our trucks have acquired, we are permitted to carry food products. Our trucks meet the high ecological standards EUR4 and EUR5.

      Our fleet has the necessary international transport insurance: truck’s OC/AC and cargo.

      We cooperate with many domestic as well as foreign firms all over the Europe.


      We hope to do business with you ! ! !


Transport and Administration Manager

Bąk Dariusz

+48 601 53 73 02

+48 32 20 20 892

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